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Legal lights are LED or CFL ONLY! LEDs work best because LEDs are mercury free, more affordable, durable, and have a greater return on investment through extended lifespans. The fact that laws mean little when it comes to big corporations gets fully exposed when we examine the 2007 law that was suppose to go into effect  in 2012 that made incandescent bulbs illegal. The biggest store chains in America still sell those illegal bulbs today. Illegal products do not hold the weight of controlled substances but they should. Laws get made and the only people that have to obey the law are the poor that can not afford to pay their high cost utility bills. The big corporations selling you a product that cost you six times the cost to use as the legal LED product. The law being followed and enforced would save the entire United States energy and money.

Corey P. Coleman, Sr
Corey P. Coleman, Sr IMAGLO GREEN LLC

Lead in your drinking water, lead based paint contaminating children at their home, lead paint raising children's lead levels at public schools, and acute lead poisoning when law enforcement shoot mostly minority males. Lead is a enormous problem in our society, Lead affects the health and wellness of the physical and mental states of the entire community. Raised lead levels leads to decreased mental IQs,  increased body sickness, and increased infertility. The effects of frequent lead exposure have been known since the days of the Romans. Today the CDC and your local Health Department know the many issues associated with LEAD in water and Lead Based Paint in residential, day care, senior, and schools facilities.  We must get involved to help change the way clean water is distributed in USA so every citizen rich and poor can drink safe water in their homes.

CPC, LEAD Project Planner